Speaking of mislabelled DVD...

John Holland (jholland@chipublib.org)
Thu, 20 Feb 2003 10:39:28 -0800 (PST)

On the subject of DVDs that are mislabelled:
beware of the Vanguard release of Manoel de Oliveira's "Abraham's
Valley". The package indicates that the DVD uses the original Portuguese
language print, but in fact it uses a print which was dubbed into
French, as well as all the credits being in French. (Yes, I know he has
made several films in French, but not this one). It does have English
subtitles, but it is still annoying to see the lips moving in different
directions. There is also no mention of the aspect ratio on the package,
and it looks to me as if it were a widescreen film that has been
compressed to fit the TV screen: the actors look oddly elongated as if
reflected in a funhouse mirror! I saw it in a screening at Facets a few
years ago and don't recall if it was wider than the "standard" 1.33:1.
(Any Oliveira experts out there??)
For the record, I wrote to Vanguard and have not recieved any sort of

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