Re: General Psychology Video Set

Susan Weber (
Tue, 18 Feb 2003 15:59:48 -0800 (PST)

The Discovering Psychology series has had some programs updated.
Specifically 3 are brand new productions and 13 are revised, in 2001.
It is still a very good basic intro. course.

Another new series, from Coast Learning Systems was produced in 2001, called
Psychology: the human experience.
It is also 26 parts of 28 min. each. It differs in that this series is based
on case studies to introduce concepts. For ex. male/female differences
are a female pilot/male kindergarten teacher, who introduce themselves.

Personally, for an intro Psych course, I prefer Discovery Psych. but
we've had faculty view both series & some like the 2nd for its personalized
approach. I found the Human Experience to be very elementary, whereas
Discovering went into greater details.

good luck,

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>Hi All,
>A faculty member asked me to suggest some replacements for the general
>introduction to psychology video set "Discovering Psychology" (WGBH,
>1989) which is starting to look a bit dated. I've gone through the Films
>for the Humanities and the Teacher's Video catalogs and no go - can
>anyone recommend other resources? (My purchase order for
> is still going through channels...)
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