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Mike Tribby (
Thu, 13 Feb 2003 14:11:45 -0800 (PST)

Re: the Chicago Cubs ownership (the Chicago Tribune Corp. They also own WGN,
the cable "superstation," and bundles of other stuff) and their ongoing
battle with the Wrigley Field neighbors who rent out their rooftops during
Cubs games

>-If the owners of the rooftop bleachers are advertising their location for
the GAME, they would have a problem, but we can >>>>assume that they have
considered those semantics.

The rooftop owners have ideed been careful about this. On their ads on the
Chicago sports radio stations, they refer to their facilities as a good
place to watch the "Northsiders," not the Cubs. It should be noted that
many of these same rooftop owners/entrepreneurs are active in neighborhood
groups trying to keep the Cubs from expanding the bleacher seating at
Wrigley Field. It's also interesting to note that many, if not most, of
these same rooftop owners are not folks who have lived in these picturesque
dwellings for decades. According to various sources, most of the buildings
affected have changed hands recently--and at least one of them was acquired
by the owner of a neighborhood sports bar; sort of an addition to his empire
of ancillary Cubs attractions. None of the preceding should be considered
an argument by me against the rooftop owners availing themselves of
something that sits in plain sight from their rooftops, but it's hardly the
big bad Cubs ownership vs. a bunch of neighborhood folks. Money is the main
motivator on both sides of this issue, and, being in Chicago, the
vituperation and name-calling are rampant. And entertaining. The mayor is
even involved to an extent, since, according to the Chicago Tribune (again,
owned by the same bunch of moneychangers who own the Cubs), he is said to be
holding up the expansion of Wrigley Field for a variety of reasons, possibly
including the rooftop situation. Are any of the charges or countercharges
true? Again, it's Chicago. There's probably a simple explanation, but it's
hard to know what it is.

For my part, I prefer to point out that White Sox fans don't have any of
these selfish issues to press. We're just in it for the grandeur of the
sport. Remember the billboard that Chairman Reinsdorf put up outside
Wrigley a few years ago: "Major League Baseball: Nine Miles South."

Go Sox

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