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Brigid Duffy (
Wed, 5 Feb 2003 15:39:55 -0800 (PST)

And further notes on using corporate type credit cards; here in California
what we officially have is a California State Use Tax (rather than a sales
tax) so the tax gets taken out of my budget, whether the vendor collects it
or not. If I buy online from vendors in New York, or Canada, or the UK for
that matter, tax gets taken out of my budget and returned to the state's
general fund.

As the rate varies from county to county in California, our accounting
office uses the local (and probably highest) rate of 8 1/2 percent. And
next year it's going higher. AAAGH!

Sorry, just venting ...

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>A note on using a corporate type credit card. I see you work for a community
>college, which in Tennessee would be a state institution. As such, it would
>be prohibited from paying sales tax. For some purchases from TV stations,
>I've tried ordering on-line and over-the-phone using a corporate credit
>card, and once tax exempt is mentioned, all bets are off for the home use
>purchase price. We need the public performance option, so I don't mind the
>price if it's reasonable. Also, I am cautious about circumventing the usual
>purchasing channels, because media dollars spent from places other than my
>department budget do not show up in the budget office's accounting of
>library holdings. While occasional donations don't give me a problem,
>circumventing the system on a regular basis could illuminate hard-to-explain
>discrepancies in an audit.
>Hope this doesn't muddy the water too much.
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>> I just tried to purchase an 8 part series on New York City from a public
>television station. On the web page, it lists a price of $19.95 each.
>Because I need to use a purchase order from an educational institution, the
>price jumps to $75.00 per tape! YIKES!
>> Looks like it will be awhile before my budget can handle this purchase.
>> I just needed to vent about this. Thanks for listening.
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