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At 05:23 PM 2/3/2003 -0800, you wrote:
>Our library has had the film "Sweet Sweetback's Badass Song" challenged by a
>patron because he claims it contains scenes of 'child pornography'.
>I've been able to find 4 reviews (Video Source Book gave it 3 of 4, All Movie
>Guide gave it 3 of 5, VideoHound gave it 3 of 5, Leonard Maltin gave it 3 of
>OCLC indicates that nearly 200 libraries in the US hold the title, mostly
>academic libraries, and from my research I've discovered that this movie
>started the 'blaxploitation' style films.
>My questions;
>Has anyone had 'experience' with this title?
>Would you mind pointing me in the direction of more reviews?
>If you have a copy, could I borrow it for screening purposes because the
>authorities are holding my library's copy for the FBI to preview?
>Never a dull moment.
>John Fossett
>PS. Can anyone think of legal cases with similar issues?
>John F. Fossett
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>Kitsap Regional Library
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