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Tue, 4 Feb 2003 06:02:18 -0800 (PST)

Hello John,

I have seen this film, and it does have a scene depicting an adolescent
boy and an adult woman having intercourse. Does that constitute child
pornography? I am totally ignorant of the legal issues at play here,
but it seems to me that if a film/video is legally being sold, then the
powers-that-be don't consider its contents illegal. We'll see what the
FBI thinks!

There was a similar case regarding the film Die Blechtrommel = The Tin
Drum in Oklahoma in 1997. The U.S. District Court for the Western
District of Oklahoma ultimately ruled that the film did not constitute
child pornography:

I would visit ALA's Office of Intellectual Freedom for
information/support if you haven't yet:

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john wrote: > > Hello, > Our library has had the film “Sweet Sweetback's Badass Song” challenged by a > patron because he claims it contains scenes of 'child pornography'. > I've been able to find 4 reviews (Video Source Book gave it 3 of 4, All Movie > Guide gave it 3 of 5, VideoHound gave it 3 of 5, Leonard Maltin gave it 3 of > 4). > OCLC indicates that nearly 200 libraries in the US hold the title, mostly > academic libraries, and from my research I've discovered that this movie > started the 'blaxploitation' style films. > My questions; > Has anyone had 'experience' with this title? > Would you mind pointing me in the direction of more reviews? > If you have a copy, could I borrow it for screening purposes because the local > authorities are holding my library's copy for the FBI to preview? > Never a dull moment. > Regards, > John Fossett > PS. Can anyone think of legal cases with similar issues? > > John F. Fossett > Media Librarian > Kitsap Regional Library > (360)405-9101 > > KRL, more than books!