Issues relatating to preservation of media

Dan Greene (
Sun, 2 Feb 2003 12:54:22 -0800 (PST)


I am a MLS student at the University of Tennessee involved in researching
preserving access to obsolescing A/V formats.

I have several questions that I thought this list might be able to help me

1. What are the policies and procedures used at your library to preserve
access to obsolescing formats?
2. What products are used in the conversion process? (e.g. type and brand of
media, recording hardware and software, packaging for the end product)
3. What is your libraries interpretation of U.S. Copyright Law regarding
the preservation/reformatting of A/V material?
4. Does your library use any sort of purely digital storage/access methods
(e.g. streaming servers, video on demand etc..)

I don't want to unnecessarily tie up the list, please feel free to respond
to me off list at

Thanks for your time.

Dan Greene
Graduate Student and Research Assistant
School of Information Sciences, UT Knoxville