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One last note on this, the following is an e-mail I received today
from the Kinsey Institute on an upcoming film series. While alas
none of the films in the series were from the prints I helped them get
it still highlights the "value" of many films that were and in some cases
still are considered porn

WHAT: Under the Radar: Women in Film in the Kinsey Era
WHEN: February 14-26, 2003
WHERE: Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

For anyone interested who may be in the area in February, the Kinsey
Institute is having a film festival showcasing women directors,
lesbian films, and female stars who tested the censors' ratings in
their various portrayals of sex and gender.

Of particular interest, we will be showing four films from the Kinsey
Institute¹s Historical Stag Collection. The films, Bring 'em Back
Nude, Getting His Goat, A Free Ride and Modern Pirates date
from1920-1938. Preceding the screening, Linda Williams, Professor of
Film Studies at Berkeley, will present a lecture entitled, ³Between
ŒWhite Slavery¹ and the ŒEthnography of Sex Workers¹: Women in
Stag Films at the Kinsey Archive.

In addition, we will be showing female social guidance films from
IU¹s educational film collection. These films will be shown during
the opening of the photography exhibition, FEMININE PERSUASION. The
social guidance films are as follows: Secretary¹s Day, 1947; What to
do on a Date, 1952; Social Courtesy, 1951; More Dates for Kay, 1952;
Gossip, 1956; Going Steady, 1951; Date Etiquette, 1952; Air Woman,
1941; Are You Popular, 1958; The Secretary, A Normal Day, 1947;
Mothers, What They Do, 1968
Other films being shown:
Censored films: And God Created Woman (1957), Baby Doll (1956), The
Outlaw (1946), and A Streetcar Named Desire (1951- the Director¹s
Lesbian relationships and gender films: The Children's Hour (1961),
Caged (1950), Johnny Guitar (1954), and Some Like It Hot (1959)
Women directors: The Bigamist (1953, Ida Lupino,), Fuses (1964,
Carolee Schneemann) and Bad Girls Go to Hell (1965), Doris Wishman,)

This festival is being held as part of a year-long celebration of the
50th anniversary of the publication of The Kinsey Institute's landmark
book, Sexual Behavior in the Human Female. In honor of the pioneering
efforts of Alfred Kinsey and developments since the 1953 female
volume, The Kinsey Institute will coordinate a series of events
addressing women's sexualities, their diversity and their relation to
gender and reproduction.

For times and other information about the festival and other events in
the series, consult the

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