Re: media collection development reviews?

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Thu, 30 Jan 2003 12:48:54 -0800 (PST)

The price of the video is less of an issue where quality is concerned than
is the producer. We base our purchase decisions on quality of content,
faculty recommendation (if faculty won't use an item, it's a waste of
limited resources to purchase it), PPR, and price. We also ask whether a
faculty member has seen a title before we purchase it. If they have not, we
request that they preview the title before we buy it. You'd be surprised how
many times we receive feedback that says "This title is too elementary for
college classes; poorly produced; doesn't meet my curriculum needs; etc."
Because we use single campus closed circuit cable as one means of delivering
videos to classrooms, we always go for PPR when they are available at a
reasonable price. Most major educational vendors include PPR in their list
prices. Feature film and some independent distributors' PPR prices are a
whole different matter. Be aware, too, that some secondary distributors
charge inflated prices that don't necessarily appear to be inflated. A
little Internet searching often reveals a less expensive source.
As convoluted as this is, hope it helps,
Gail B. Fedak
Manager, Instructional Media Resources
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> Hi,
> I'm *very* new to Media/Video Collection Development, and wonder if
> there is an industry standard publication that reviews videos for
> librarians. I've kind of taken over the CD, ordering, cataloging, and
> reserving of videos for faculty and students at my small community
> college, and aside from Choice, LJ, and the SCADS of catalogs I'm
> receiving, I was wondering if there's a publication that's a bit more
> focused on *videos*...
> Also, I'm curious as to what you all think is the difference between a
> $30 video and a $90-$130 dollar one, if the subject matter seems to be
> about the same - size of the production house/ vendor? Cost to
> distribute? Built in PPR? Any light on the subject would be helpful.
> Thanks,
> Jen Stutesman
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