proposed new book on media librarianship

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Thu, 30 Jan 2003 06:06:47 -0800 (PST)

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My friend Sandy Berman, co-editor of ALTERNATIVE LIBRARY LITERATURE, and
leading library activist, has suggested that I edit/write a book on 21st
century media librarianship. McFarland, his publisher, may want to
publish such a book. They did ask me to write such a book about a decade
ago. I am asking all videolib members if THEY would be interested in
writing a chapter for such a book. I would write the intro and an essay
or two on such topics as: statewide media services to public libraries
and/or "How public libraries can make movies" - I am working on a
feature documentary on the Green Bank Radio Telescope now with a
filmmaker, B.J. Gudmundsson, who has made two feature docs with a small
rural public library here. I can imagine a chapter by Jessica Rosner on
adult programming using DVDs, etc for libraries (copyright problems,
etc.), Bill Sloan at MOMA (another good friend) on programming
documentaries in public libraries, Marie Nesthus on "filmmakers at the
library," Sally Mason on "National Video Resources." So - please let me
know IF you would like to write a chapter for such a book and/or how
useful such a volume would be. Thanks - Steve Fesenmaier, director of
West Virginia Library Commission Film Services 1978-99, film reviewer
for Graffiti magazine, co-founder of WVIFF and WVFFF, etc.,etc.

Steve Fesenmaier

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