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can someone tell me how i can be removed from this listserv?

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I can't offer wisdom, but maybe some facts. First of all, there's no legal
provision that would permit you to do this. You will need to get permission
from the distributors or other copyright holders involved.

I assume loaning her these films is not an option, as they presumably have
to be available for the other students coming to the library. One
possibility would obviously be to purchase second copies (most distributors
will be happy to give you a discount) but I assume that if that were an
option for you, you would have already done so.

If this is a one-time situation, my guess is that many distributors would
be willing to work something out with you. If any of Fanlight's films are
involved, for example, I think we could agree to what you are requesting on
condition that library staff make the copies and that the copies are then
returned to the library to be erased. We would be very hesitant to give you
any kind of blanket authorization, however, as our experience is that once
that door is opened, it becomes a habit, and soon people begin to feel they
can make copies for any purpose that seems pressing at the time.

For the record, I will note that in a few situations where universities
have had substantial numbers of off-campus students involved in a course,
we have negotiated reasonable fee structures for the making of multiple
copies. We also authorize off-campus transmission via closed-circuit cable
systems for a fee equal to half the catalog price of the film (on-campus
closed-circuit use is included in the basic purchase.)

As noted, if any of our films are involved in the course you mentioned, I
suggest you mail or fax us a request letter consistent with the conditions
stated above.

Best wishes,
Ben Achtenberg

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>Looking for some wisdom:
>Our Anthropology Department offers an online course called "World Cultures
>through Film". There are roughly 200 students enrolled each semester and
>each student is required to come to the Media Library to view
>approximately 15 films. One of the students has Tourette's Syndrome. She
>lives about fifty miles away and had been relying on family members for
>transportation to campus. Both her mother and husband recently became ill
>and can no longer drive her. She has asked the professor who teaches this
>course if she can have copies made of the films and destroy them when
>she's finished. Is there some provision in the law that I'm unaware of
>that would allow for this? Is there ANY other way we can accommodate her?
>Thank you!
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