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This is "planned obsolescence" at its finest(?!)




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The perfect solution to archiving DVDs - there'll be nothing left to
archive: from New Scientist, 18 January 2003

*SpectraDisc of Providence, Rhode Island, has won a basic patent (US
6343063) on self-destructing DVDs. The idea is that people renting the DVD
will not need to return it to the store. The disc is doped with hygroscopic
salts such as magnesium chloride, and its surface is covered with a peel-off
barrier, like a record label.
To play the disc you have to remove the barrier. The salts then start to
pick up moisture from the air, producing a corrosive mix that begins to eat
away the aluminium layer of the disc that holds the data. So the disc will
play for a while and then stop. The disc can also contain an indigo dye that
is darkened by the light from the DVD player's laser, to control the number
of times it can be played.*

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