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This is a juicy one and you will get plenty of responses. For starters, and
there will be many more to add, and I have too little time, but, yes,
Truffaut: The 400 Blows(1959) and Godard: Breathless(1959)are essentials.
They practically equal the meat and potatoes. Throw in some Resnais and
Malle too. Must see also Truffaut's Jules and Jim and Shoot the Piano
Player. Some Renoir and Welles as a foundation and read Andre Bazin...

T. Nicholas

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Hello Friends,

I ran across a reference to film directors in the 1960s who were part of
the French New Wave. Can someone "hip" me to a few names? I don't know much
about European cinema, but I assume Truffaut is one of them? Is there a
short list of (must see) masterpieces of New Wave French cinema from that


Mark Green
Simpson College