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Recorded Books sells the Pimsleur programs on both tape and CD. They're
pricey, as noted, but RB provides (for a modest price) replacement tapes and
discs--really important when you're shelling out a lot of green for
something like this. 800-638-1304


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Speaking as a consumer, I have been totally snowed by the Pimsleur series.
I've done Spanish I, II, and III, and various friends and family have used
the courses in Italian, Greek and Mandarin -- all with great satisfaction.
They are pretty expensive, though -- $250 or $300 per 30-lesson set sticks
in my mind -- and they really work best when you use them as suggested (no
more than one lesson/day, pretty much every day) which means patrons might
need to check them out for an extended period.

Trivia Department: I believe that filmmaker Julia Pimsleur (Brother Born
Again) is the daughter of the creator of this teaching method. Julia is
also one of the founders of, a good web portal to social
issue films.

At 08:43 AM 1/23/03 -0800, you wrote:
> Can anyone recommend a set of conversational Spanish tapes, a set of
> conversational French and a set of conversational German tapes that a
> community college library could purchase?
> Our community college sponsors a large number of overseas academic
> trips for our students, and we have people from the community who visit
> the library wanting sets like these. We have sets of Grammar tapes
> that go along with textbooks in our more formal courses, but, we would
> like to buy effective, popular conversational sets (on cassette or audio
> CD) in Spanish, French and German.
> Please specify name of series, vendor, phone number website. Your
> help is greatly appreciated. Please post to the list.
> Dave Ofiara
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> Librarian
> Adirondack
> Community College
> Queensbury, New
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