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In fact, the music in Cosmic Zoom was composed by Pierre F. Brault,
according to NFB's website, & I was going to suggest this one, too.


At 10:30 AM 03/01/23, you wrote:
>It's Powers of Ten, sort of... There is a previous short animated film
>produced by the NFB
>called Cosmic Zoom (both films are based on the book Cosmic View). "Powers
>of Ten" starts with a man on picnic blanket and then zooms away into outer
>space and back again and into the man's hand. "Cosmic Zoom" starts with a
>young boy rowing in a lake and the camera zooms to a mosquito sitting on his
>hand and then zooms into his skin and so forth. Neither one has music by
>Santana, but were described somewhere as a "mind altering hacillugenic
>experience"... and Cosmic Zoom was done in the 60's after all.
>Paty Bustamante
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> An instructor remembers a film he saw (I estimate thirty years ago)
>in grade school in which the camera watches a mosquito bite an arm, and
>then the camera zooms way, way out until we're looking at the planet Earth.
>The background music is by Carlos Santana.
> Can this be real?
> Stephen Davies
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