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It's Powers of Ten, sort of... There is a previous short animated film
produced by the NFB
called Cosmic Zoom (both films are based on the book Cosmic View). "Powers
of Ten" starts with a man on picnic blanket and then zooms away into outer
space and back again and into the man's hand. "Cosmic Zoom" starts with a
young boy rowing in a lake and the camera zooms to a mosquito sitting on his
hand and then zooms into his skin and so forth. Neither one has music by
Santana, but were described somewhere as a "mind altering hacillugenic
experience"... and Cosmic Zoom was done in the 60's after all.

Paty Bustamante
Video Department
Houston Public Library

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An instructor remembers a film he saw (I estimate thirty years ago)
in grade school in which the camera watches a mosquito bite an arm, and
then the camera zooms way, way out until we're looking at the planet Earth.
The background music is by Carlos Santana.
Can this be real?
Stephen Davies
(proud member of the remotely possible film request club)
Mount Royal College, Calgary