Re: Fwd: Sponge Bob Square Pants Episode

John Streepy (
Thu, 23 Jan 2003 09:06:44 -0800 (PST)

That is a hoot, I'll have to run that by my supervisor to see if i can get some Spongebob.

>>> 01/23/03 08:50AM >>>
OK all you spongebob fans, here's a challenge. I knew I'd have a
reason to collect some square pants sooner or later!

From UM faculty person:

>Hi There,
>I am teaching Neursocience 602 This semester ffrom Feb 11-March 17
>and would like to show my class of graduate students the episode of
>Sponge BOb Square Pants where Squidward lies at his High School
>Reunion about owning a five star restaurant and makes Sponge Bob
>turn the Crusty Crab into a place that will pass for one in one
>afternoon. He has to clear his memory to make room for all the new
>things he has to learn to be waiter in one day and the sequence is
>an amusing depiction of how memory may be stored and accessed and
>the problems encountered when new memories are not inegrated with
>old ones. I would like to geta copy of this empisode, but do not
>know the name of it. Can you find it? Could I get a copy before the
>module ends?
>Thanks for your help. Songe Bob is a Nickelodian production, I believe.

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