Double-sided DVDs

Kim Crowley (
Mon, 13 Jan 2003 13:55:53 -0800 (PST)

(I sent this earlier this morning but did not see it post; please forgive
me if it gets posted twice.)

How do other libraries secure double-sided DVDs for checkout?

We use the 3M security system DCD-2 tattle tape, which covers one entire
side of the DVD. If we put it on a double-sided DVD, that side will not
play. Our 3M security rep said that many libraries will security strip
just the case on double-sided DVDs and that some libraries just do not buy
double-sided discs. (Also, how do you tell before you have the item in
hand, if it is double-sided or not?)

We have nearly 1500 DVDs and do not want to put them back behind the Circ
desk, which is how we started, nor do we want to purchase lock boxes. I
guess I'd just like to hear if others are securing the case and not the
disc before we do the same. I would say we've got about 100 awaiting a
decision. Many are older films re-released with lots of extras; some are
new films (The Good Girl comes to mind) that have widescreen on one side
and full screen on the other.

Thanks for your insight,

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