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Dear Marilyn,
You probably already know this, but the two Public Performance
companies I know of are as follows:

Motion Picture Licensing Corporation (MPLC)
contact: Alex (800-462-8855, ext. 3015)

Movie Licensing USA
contact: Rose Henzel (888-267-2658)

Neither company has a good PPR selection for foreign films. I had
wanted to start a film discussion group in my library, but needed ppr for
several foreign films. I finally decided to borrow from our wonderful Enoch
Pratt Free Library media center, which owns the public performance rights to
all of its 16 mm films and many of its videos and dvds. I gave up on
finding a way to get a license for the videos I had hoped to show. Good
luck in your search.
(This is my very first time replying on this listserv, so I hope the
message gets through, etc.)

Donna Sebly
Harford County Public Library

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Here's my other list. This time I'm looking for public performance
licensing for each film:

"Contempt" (original French title, Le Mepris) - Jean-Luc Godard, 1963. I've
found a possible DVD source, but is there a distributor with PPR?

"Dodes'ka-den" (also called Dodesukaden or Clickety-Clack) - Akira
Kurosawa, 1970. We have a video in our library, but does any distributor
have PPR?

"Dil Se" (also called From the Heart) - Mani Rathnam, 1998. I've found a
possible DVD source, but does any distributor have PPR?

"Ghost in the Shell" (also called Kokaku kidotai) - Mamoru Oshii, 1995. We
have the home-use DVD in our library. It's a Japanese anime film. Is there
a distributor with PPR?

Once again, any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.
Marilyn Huntley

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