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Fri, 10 Jan 2003 11:29:11 -0800 (PST)

Hi Mike

Well...hate to pick nits (ahhh...actually I love to pick nits), but in the
situation you describe there is no fair there, I'm afraid. Cue or not, the
issue is public performance. Regardless of the length, I think you'd be
technically on thin ice. On the other hand, I'm sure Gene has a good
lawyer... If it were me, I'd do it and worry about it later.


At 10:31 AM 1/10/2003 -0800, you wrote:
>Gene Hackman is a Danville native, and when he receives the Lifetime
>Achievement Award at the Golden Globes later this month, a local performing
>arts center is having a party to celebrate; it's also a fundraiser for the
>center's restoration. They'll have a large-screen TV tuned to the G.G.
>broadcast when Hackman accepts the award, but they also want to show clips
>from some of his films intermittently through the night. What they had in
>mind was copying these clips onto a VHS compilation tape. I told them that
>such copying would be illegal.
>However, what if the individual (legally-purchased but home license) videos
>were cued up to the correct spots beforehand and shown? I know it's not an
>educational setting, but they're talking about 1 or 2-minute clips from some
>of his best-known films, interspersed w/ a local person discussing the film.
> Is there a formula for clip length/percentage of total running time? And
>would there be a limit on the total number of clips allowed -- i.e. would
>ten 1-minute clips be considered 10 minutes total and thus not allowed, or
>are the individual lengths what is considered? Am I splitting hairs???
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