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Your colleague is probably thinking of John Travolta's sister Ellen Travolta
who has made numerous apperances on television shows over the years (see She looks a bit like Lily Tomlin. Look for images of her using
the image search on Google and show them to your colleague.

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I have a colleague who is insisting that Lily Tomlin is John Travolta's
sister. She posted this as fact on an internal email. She claims she saw
Lily Tomlin on a talk show where she talked about life as John's big sister
and growing up together and how proud the family was of John. She won't
believe me because she "saw" this interview.
My info tells me Lily was born in Detroit as Mary Jean Tomlin. I cannot
find her parents' names listed anywhere.
The six Travolta children were all born in New Jersey to Salvatore and
Helen Travolta--Ellen, Ann, Margaret, Joey, Sam and John.
Can anyone point me to further info?
Karen Fischer
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