RE: Title/subject search: "MLK - man of peace" or equivalent

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The speech is not on the MPI video and the MPI website does not give a
detailed description of the contents of its other videos. It skips right
over the year that he won the Nobel Prize. I just checked our copy.

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Here are 2 possibilities.

Perhaps you could look at the website of The King Center, which is the
custodian of the intellectual properties of Dr. King. . I corresponded with their Flecia Brown
( this past October.

Also, our library has a video called "Speeches of Martin Luther King" which
was purchased from MPI Home Video. If you use the search box on the MPI
website at, you'll see that they list a number
of videos for "Martin Luther King."

I hope this helps.
Marilyn Huntley

At 11:33 AM 1/8/03 -0800, you wrote:
>We've got a faculty member looking for video documentation of Martin Luther
>King Jr's Nobel peace prize acceptance speech. Looks like "MLK - Man of
>Peace" (in WorldCat) may be our candidate.
>If you know of a rental (or purchase) source for this title--or an
>alternative title that would contain the speech--we'd be obliged. This is a
>short-fuse request, so every leg up helps.
>Thanks in advance,
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