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Tue, 7 Jan 2003 13:02:01 -0800 (PST)

Well there is no master list of bootleggers out there
I am sure Dennis and I can think of a few
The main problem is that MOST bootleggers do have a number
of LEGAL copies of PD films though more often than not
the quality SUCKS. Off the top of my head I remember
New York Film Annex, Midnight Video, Grapevine ( many legal silents but many
illegal ones too) Hollywood Classics and many many more
Sad fact is most studios do little or nothing to police bootleg copies
of anything but recent films so you can pretty much buy a bootleg
of anything from Von Stroheim to Altman especially on eBay
Most foreign rights holders have no clue how widespread the bootlegging
is here and no idea what to do about it.

oddly enough it seems to me that the mainstream companies like
Baker & Taylor and Ingram carry very few bootlegs as they just
are not going to be bothered with the creeps that sell them
Always be VERY, VERY suspicious of ANY feature film post 1923 that
is NOT available from those guys or say an Amazon. There is a good chance
it is not a legal copy though there certainly going to be SOME small titles
they don't carry I find that they do carry about 99% of FICTION FEATURE
FILMS This does not mean you have to PURCHASE it from them but just use
as a guideline for what is likely both legit and good quality
(FYI imported legit PAL copies are NOT included in the above formula)

MOST important of all, if you get a poor quality film , COMPLAIN
AND RETURN IT. This is another excellent sign of pirate videos
and you should NOT pay for this stuff it only encourages them


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