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Superbit dvd's are encoded with a higher bit rate than other dvd's.
Essentially, they take the space used for the dvd menu, making of,
extra language tracks, etc and use this for higher level encoding. I
have compared several of them with their non-Superbit counterparts on
an 55" HDTV home theater system. I could tell the difference
immediately--both audio and video were improved. However, I doubt that
this difference will be as perceptible on an average system. While I
will be buying some for my personal collection, I will not be buying
any for the libraries collection.

Tom Herndon

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Date: Monday, December 30, 2002 8:35 pm
Subject: Tech question

> When searching a vendor for the dvd of 'From Here to Eternity,"
> one version
> is listed as being a Superbit, which is to be released next year,
> at a few
> dollars more than the previous dvd release. What does Superbit
> mean? Is it
> more digital information crammed on the disc? Is it worth the
> extra $ to
> get it? Thanks in advance
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