16mm Films Need Good Home

Ben Achtenberg (Ben@fanlight.com)
Mon, 6 Jan 2003 11:31:18 -0800 (PST)

January 3, 2003

Dear Friends:

We have a small number of 16mm film prints of the films on the attached
list which we would be prepared to donate to university or other
archival/study collections. All but two are documentaries; one of the
others is a dramatization, and the second mixes dramatization with
documentary elements.

Most of these are films which Fanlight Productions distributed at one time,
but has pulled from distribution within the past ten years. Some are still
in distribution, in video, and are still quite popular with our clients.
None of these prints are new, but all were in acceptable condition for
screening at the time they were pulled. They are mostly on metal reels in
Plio-Magic shipping cases. We no longer have room for storage, but can't
bring ourselves to send them to the landfill.

Recipient organizations must agree to restrict the use of these films to
archival, research, or study purposes. If you wish to circulate any of the
programs, or use them in the classroom, please contact us; this MAY be
possible to arrange, for some of the films.

We will be happy to pay for shipping of one or two prints to any given
recipient. For larger requests, we ask that you agree to reimburse Fanlight
for the cost of UPS ground shipping.

We will ship these films on a first-come-first-served basis. If you are
interested please contact me by email at: ben@fanlight.com.

Best wishes,
Ben Achtenberg


CODE GRAY: ETHICAL DILEMMAS IN NURSING (1983): Academy Award nominee; many
other national awards; still very widely used in U.S. nursing schools and
abroad, as well as by community health activist groups.

A DIFFERENT HEART (mid-1980's): Award-winning film profiling families whose
children were born with serious heart defects.

DOCTOR WOMAN (mid-1980's): Beautifully dramatized story of one of Canada's
first women doctors, intercut with interviews with Dr. Elizabeth Bagshaw

FOUR LIVES: A Portrait of Manic Depression (1987): National PBS broadcast;
outstanding film profiling four people with severe bipolar disease. Still a
best seller.

I DON'T HAVE TO HIDE (mid-1980's): Red Ribbon, American Film Festival.
Personal documentary on anorexia and bulimia.

MIDWIFE:WITH WOMAN (early-1980's): Film about nurse-midwifery, its history
and current realities (as of the 80's); produced for the Maternity Center
Association and narrated by actress Mariette Hartley.

NO BRIEF CANDLE (mid-1980's): Moving portrait of a couple confronting the
likelihood of the wife's death from cancer.

NURSING: THE POLITICS OF CARING (early-1980's): Groundbreaking film on
politicization and unionization of nurses in the 80's.

A PERSPECTIVE OF HOPE (1987): CINE Golden Eagle; explores the impact of an
innovative approach to nursing home care.

TAKING CHARGE: Teens Speak Out About Sexuality & Birth Control
(mid-1980's): First Place winner in two categories, National Council on
Family Relations.

THE TRUESTEEL AFFAIR (mid-1980's): Very effectively dramatized "trigger
film" about professional ethics, through the story of a young engineer,
based on a composite of actual cases.

TRYING TIMES (1980): Red Ribbon winner, American Film Festival; NCFR
awards, etc. Focuses on infertility: its causes and its emotional impact on
couples. Outdated in terms of technology but still very relevant regarding
the human realities of infertility.

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