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Lori, et al:

The three-part series, "Understanding Group Psychotherapy," with
Irvin Yalom, is one of the classics in this field. We used to
distribute it, but haven't for years. Its therapy sessions, however,
are dramatized.

We currently distribute two series on group therapy, both of which
feature scenes from real therapy sessions. The first is a three-part
series titled "The Promise of Group Therapy." It too is a classic in
the field. The reviewer for the "International Journal of Group
Psychotherapy" had this to say of the series: "This is a splendid set
of training tapes and one of the best of its kind. Every university
and clinic providing training in group therapy should have a set of
these tapes!"

Our other group therapy series is titled "Leading
Supportive-Expressive Group Therapy for People with Cancer." This
four-part series features Dr. David Spiegel, the pioneering
therapist, author, and Prof. of Psychiatry at Stanford University's
School of Medicine. It may be a bit of an overstatement to call this
series too a "classic," but its reviews in the field are uniformly
excellent and we have many satisfied customers who have purchased the
series from us.

If you would like complete descriptions of these series I would be
happy to email them to you. They are rather long for posting to the
entire list, unless others are interested. You may also look them up
by their series titles on our web site, at, or go to the "Brochures" section of the
web site and view or download a PDF version of our brochure on videos
dealing with "Clinical Psychology, Psychiatry, and Group
Psychotherapy." Both series are described fully in the brochure.

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>Try these links for Group Psychotherapy Videos:
> From the American Group Psychotherapy Association (AGPA)
> From
>Understanding Group Psychotherapy
>Video Tape Series
>The Gift of Therapy:
>An Interview with Irvin Yalom M.D.
>find both at:
>You also might try First Run/Icarus Films:
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>>Does anyone have any suggestions for good, recent programs on conducting
>>group psychotherapy sessions?
>>Lori Widzinski
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