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Wonder how many circulations of a DVD there are at Blockbuster before it
ends up for sale in the 'previously viewed' section?

LeThesha Harris

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> I am new to this list but this problem with DVD's scratching is a royal
> pain. We try to clean our DVD's after each use but it doesn't help much
> Skip Dr. doesn't do much either and it is time consuming.

Like I posted before, for the life of me I cannot understand why/how
Blockbuster/Hollywood/Whoever let the DVD format out the door in its current
form - flimsy, fragile plastic absolutely unprotected from physical damage.

Probably 10-20% of the DVDs I rent from Blockbuster either won't boot or
have significant instances of "skipping".

Unbelievable that the industry allowed this to happen. Were they trying to
beef up the market for replacement purchases?