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Hi, John - you may have gotten answers to this, but I was on vacation last
week. We ran into this problem with titles from A&E, the History Channel,
and other small companies. What I have done, is looked for the title on
FirstSearch WorldCat, and copied/pasted the information from the bib record
into a word processing program. We have a template made up to be a cover,
spine and back of the cases we circulate videos in. If there is no
annotation, etc., on FirstSearch, we try to hunt for the original company's
website or catalog. Someone will probably tell me this isn't legal, but it
is serving patron interest. Hope this helps.

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Hello all,
In earlier incarnations of my department, the boxes that vhs tapes came
in were not kept. I cringed when I came to work here after learning
this, and we have kept everything since I took over. We have a fair
sized amount of titles that lack their original covers, especially
series of tapes. Patrons often want to read what the covers say. We
have gone to Amazon when we can and print up the front covers for tapes,
but we need backs and the information they contain. Does anyone know of
a resource to get that information or get replacement covers?
Thanks for the help

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