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I have been doing this on our collection this year, with mixed results. It
is amazing to me how many titles don't circulate. I have a very elastic
list of qualities, read about here, or from other sources on what to pitch.

Overall consideration - 3 or less circulations since 2000. This hits a lot
of nonfiction, but also some feature films. Duplicates, except in very
special cases. Also, films that have had new editions put out - anniversary
releases, new, updated information.

Feature films - consider for weeding on the above - 3 circ or less since
2000; but be aware of award winners, core collection titles, National Film
Register titles, etc. Also, foreign films and silent movies receive special
consideration - these are special collections that we believe we need to

Nonfiction - some of the same considerations that books have - age, quality
of the information, superceded by new information, etc.

One thing I really don't consider is high circ. If I see that our copy of
Dumbo has gone out 200 times, well I know it probably has been viewed 1000
times! But until it dies, I probably won't weed it unless patrons comment
on the picture/sound quality when they return the tape. However, I would
probably try to purchase another copy if it were available.

With these guidelines, I have been able to weed a good number of videos -
though not as much as I hoped. Hope this helps.

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Hello Everyone,

We would like as many ideas, comments, etc. on the best way to go about
weeding a film collection that has not had that procedure done before. We
are looking at cataloging our entire collection (7800 titles) to the
library cataloging system, and we would like to get ideas on the best
way(s) of doing that process, therefore eliminating some titles to catalog.
The titles are currently cataloged using FileMakerPro. Our current method
is quite simple. We have not searched OCLC in our process. We have simply
taken information from the carton that the film originally was shipped in.

It's a BIG project, but we must start somewhere.

Thanks in advance.

Pamela Bruce