RE: Audio Listening Stations

Deg Farrelly (
Mon, 9 Dec 2002 10:23:29 -0800 (PST)

We use rather simple consumer grade equipment for our listening stations and
our video viewing stations.

So far, with great success.

In our continuing effort to eliminate barriers for our users, we leave the
headphones at the stations, and have found that they do not disappear. They
do, however, wear out.

But to minimize theft, we buy large, relatively ugly headphones, from Radio
Shack. We found that a "Y" cord (one cord from each ear) inevitably gets
pulled apart by users, so we get the headphones with a single cord attached
to one ear.

We also avoid "foam" ear pads, preferring the padded vinyl, which can be
wiped off with an alcohol wipe before/after use. We provide a jar of
individual wipes at the listening carrels, and leave it up to the user to
determine whether or not to use them.

One thing that was really worthwhile.... extended warranties on the
headphones. When we purchase them we buy the 3 year warranty. If one is
damaged we just take it back for a complete replacement. Definitely a
savings in the long run.

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