Re: Footage of Bikini Atoll evacuation

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Sun, 8 Dec 2002 12:25:18 -0800 (PST)

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The Internet Movie Archive (at has a film called
Operation Crossroads (28 minutes in 2 parts) that your patron may want to see.
It's not Pathe.

Mike Boedicker wrote:

> A patron (and WWII veteran) who took part in the evacuation of Bikini Atoll
> is looking for footage of the event shot by Pathe. I found 3 docs. in
> Worldcat -- Radio Bikini, The Bikini Atoll, and Bikini: Forbidden Paradise.
> He's seen the first two and said they focus mostly on the bombing with
> little on the evacuation or island life before it. Has anyone seen the
> third film, "Bikini: Forbidden Paradise," and does it contain much footage
> BEFORE the bombing?
> I also found a record for a 3-DVD set called "The Archives of War," a
> compilation of British Pathe newsreel footage including stuff from WWII and
> the Cold War. Has anyone seen this, and does it contain the kind of footage
> he wants?
> Thank you!
> Mike
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