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I forwarded your question to Cataloging. Here's the response I received.

I don't see any big problems with this. We did this at the University of
Minnesota when University Film & Video went out of business and gave us
all of their stuff. The collection developers selected what they wanted
to add. Then we brought the records in from OCLC, and used the U Film &
Video paper catalog as an aid. The main problem was that a lot of the
material was 16mm and the records in OCLC were old, so there was more
authority work and clean-up cataloging to do. If biology is a good
guide, then this collection is much newer--more stuff in the 80s & 90s,
so it shouldn't be as bad.

Also, I know that Michaela Brenner at Carleton College has a library
assistant working on a similar type of project, and she developed
written procedures for it.

If the person is asking about importing records from their database as
MARC records into their ILS, I have no clue. But I would say, unless the
database is already in MARC format, don't bother. Go to OCLC and import
records that way.

We would often figure $10/title for cataloging costs, including the full
marking and processing of the item. You could check with MINITEX's
contract cataloging unit for what they would charge.

Not knowing what the existing library collection is, it's hard to say
anything about merging. But, I would call it adding, not merging, even
if the library collection is mainly feature films. If the items are
classified, they will sort out by subject (or genre for the feature
Bobby Bothmann

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Briefly, the University of Colorado at Boulder is looking at the value
and processes for combining a video/DVD collection of 3,700 titles with
University Library collection of 4,500 titles. The former is cataloged
using Medianet (, and
the latter uses Innovative Interfaces (III).

Two questions:

Do you know or can you point me to references that speak to associated
costs for cataloging EACH of the 3,700 titles in III?

Do you have suggestions, timelines or anecdotes to share concerning the
politics and procedures for melding collections belonging to two quite
different kinds of departments?




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