Re: Digital Conversion

Rick Faaberg (
Wed, 4 Dec 2002 16:51:57 -0800 (PST)

On 12/4/02 1:18 PM, "Mark W. Kopp" <> sent this out:

> Of those who are doing some Analog to Digital Conversion (VHS to MPEG),
> what equipment and software are you using? How long is it taking? What kind
> of quality are you getting?

I'm partial to Macs, so I'd go that way... :-)

A/D conversion-wise, I would 2nd the Matrox choice as an obvious contender.
I used to use a Media Press Pro, but some have complained about them and
also availability is limited since Media100 gave/sold the Wired Inc product
line back to Wired Inc.

Most important advice though is to use the best possible original source for
the encoding. VHS is about the worst. SuperVHS is better. Etc.

Given a good source and a quality hardware encoder board (and a fast Mac
with plenty of memory!), the MPEG quality is up to you as you set frame
rate, image size, color depth, audio sampling/bit rate, etc. in your
encoding control software.

Personally I do the A/D encode at the best quality possible (disk space be
d*mned at that point) and then downsample and convert to other formats from
that using Media Cleaner Pro.


Rick "Looking For Employment Opportunities" Faaberg :-)