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> Does anyone have a good list of videos about "Bullying" for K-6 grade
> students.

At my former place of employment we had several K-6 bullying titles (see
below for listing). In most cases we have had teachers review all videos
before purchase, so these were probably rated good or excellent in the
teachers' reviews.


Rick "Looking for new employment opportunities" Faaberg

--- K-6 bullying ----

AIMS: Bully No More: Stopping The Abuse
Host Ruby Unger talks with a wide range of students who tell: how to keep
from being a target of bullies; how to stop bullies and get them help; and
what to do if you╣re a witness. Four types of student peer abuse (physical,
verbal, emotional and sexual) are also addressed.

Lucerne: Bullying and Teasing: Barbara Bowlingball and Sally Squashball
The other balls think teasing Barbara is funny, but it upsets Barbara, so
she lets them know she doesn't enjoy it. Also - Sally Squashball asserts
her rights and teaches the other balls a lesson.

Lucerne: Bullying and Teasing: Milton Meatball and Calvin Cannonball
Milton becomes a karate expert to overcome being teased as a wimp... but
learns that strength must be used responsibly. Then, when you're Balltown's
bully, making enemies isn't difficult - but learning how to forgive and
forget is.

AIMS: McGruff╣s Bully Alert
In this video, we meet Juan and Andrea, two children who are bullied at
school. Fortunately, McGruff is there to help them out. He describes what
a bully is and why bullies can be so mean. McGruff shows how to stand up to
bullies by ignoring them, talking to them, or notifying adults when bullies
threaten violence. Using McGruff╣s advice, Juan and Andrea are able to
stand up to their bullies and use respect to get along with difficult