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I'm not sure what this question means. Does having one type of information
decrease the importance/relevance/accessability of another? Does having
books "water down" a video collection - or vice versa? Does having media
about chemistry "water down" media about physics?

This is the unresolvable conflict between guiding patrons to "the good
stuff" and providing what they want, isn't it?

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>I've given you the wrong impression. Sorry. We have over 20,000 videos and
>over 2500 DVD's. We buy EVERYTHING including a huge section of TV shows from
>the BBC and the US. We have classic television series and sitcoms and also
>variety shows. We also have Roots, North and South, Anne of Green
>Gables..........the list is endless. That was my point. When does TV
>selection begin to water down your movie selection?
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>Not only have I bought TV series, they have been the core of my collection
>building on DVD. We spent several thousand dollars on multiple copies of 75
>film classics during our first year w/ DVDs---so many were stolen that we
>rarely had anything on the shelf. This year I shifted gears and focused a
>lot on buying classic British and American TV shows and very popular recent
>ones. We've gotten an avalanche of discs and finally have DVDs our patrons
>can see!!
>At 08:34 AM 12/3/02 -0800, you wrote:
>>Our library's scope is somewhat broader than strictly the history of the
>>American Motion Picture. We have collected several of these television DVD
>>sets (Sopranos, Sex and the City, All in the Family, and, yes, Friends) and
>>they have all been very popular with the public library customers. I just
>>think of it as using the same selection criteria I would use for a motion
>>picture to choose something from television. Although, we certainly don't
>>purchase television products in comparable amounts, so I guess my guideline
>>is fuzzier than I thought.
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