PPR for film series

Kimberly Stanton (KStanton@library.unt.edu)
Tue, 3 Dec 2002 11:58:02 -0800 (PST)


I have been trying to acquire Pulblic Performance Rights to screen this list of movies for a film series at the univeristy I work for. I have already contacted Swank, the New Yorker, Zeitgeist, Criterion and Kino. There are just a few films left on my list that I am still trying to track down.
I know who at some point owned the rights, but I am still unsure of what company to contact in order to receive PPR for the screening. I got the distribution information from imdb.com and don't know for certain that it is updated or even correct.
If anyone knows anything about any of these titles I would appreiciate any help.

Das Experiment - dir:Hirschbiegel
Samuel Goldwyn Co

Heroic Trio (1992)
Buena Vista Home Video

Dark Eyes (Ochi Chyornye) -dir:Mikhalkov

Stalker- dir:Tarkovsky (Tarkovskii)
Fox Lorber


Kim Stanton
Special Projects Supervisor, Media Library
University of North Texas