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True enough. But, I always tell my patrons that we are collecting the
history of the American Motion Picture--not TV. In addition, we collect
Foreign Films with subtitles only, not dubbed. We do have a TV section with
videos like I Love Lucy etc., but you could spend the entire budget on it.
How about this new thing on DVD where an entire TV season is on sale? We do
not collect in this area, does anyone out there buy this stuff? Where do
you draw the line? Therein lies the problem.
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>But nowadays, I doubt that any of these tv films would be made
>commercially available. It seems that the market has changed. I notice
>that a few splashier efforts like the recent Judy Garland film bio ME AND
>MY SHADOWS saw the light of day. And of course, a good deal of the
>Hallmark Hall of Fame series eventually was released. But whereas before
>things seemed hit or miss, nowadays, TV product is pretty much
>miss. Which is kind of a shame, seeing as even the worst theatrical
>movies (even the biggest commercial and critical duds) see VHS release (is
>that pattern changing with DVD, I wonder?).

It's funny that the opposite seems to be happening for non-network TV
stuff. Videos and DVDs of things like Merlin and Lathe of Heaven (from TNT)
are being sold practically before the film has even stopped airing. Lathe
of Heaven was some serious drek, in my opinion.


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