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Is that true? I always wondered why that horrid little TV movie wasn't
on video. I rank it with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre...........

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As I understand it, there is a legal dispute by one of the performers who is
trying to prevent its video release. Not sure who but I'm guessing its the
actress that played the mother.
June Drotleff
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> We constantly receive requests from our patrons about this tv movie, with
> Sally Field. It is out of print and very few libraries in our area carry
> this title. Does anyone know if whoever owns this ever plans to put it in
> distribution again? When I explain the above situation to the patrons
> always ask why. My feeling is it goes with the questions of the
universe -
> where do socks go in the dryer, etc. But that's not something I can tell
> every patron!
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