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Nothing is cut and dried, Monique... I think the 16mm comment may have had
more to do with the transfer of feature films for which no video has ever
been available.

At 12:00 PM 12/2/2002 -0800, you wrote:
>Hi Gary,
>Thanks for the backlog.
>After reading feedback in the "Copyright" section, one person notes that
>"...3/4" is cut and dried, but not 16mm..." Can you please clarify
>what that 3/4" being cut and dried means?
>I understand people can't make copies willy-nilly just because they no
>longer use the format or have the machines to support that format(3/4")
>but I want to know clearly how this affects transferring 3/4" to 1/2".
>I'll just ask outright---can I transfer a legally purchased 3/4" to 1/2"
>with the knowledge that
> a) I've tried to locate the copyright holder and couldn't;
> b) knowing that 3/4" faces the same deterioration as any other
> c) the title is not available on DVD or 1/2"?
>I hate to sound like I'm going around in circles, but I want to hear
>from the professionals.
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>The concept of "archival copy" really doesn't hold water in the land of
>video. A few months back there was a lively videolib discussion on the
>topic of copying at risk materials
>( look
>the subject heading "copyright")
>You should check it out.
>The bottom line: If you have an individual title that has been legally
>acquired and is at risk of physical deterioration AND if you have made a
>concerted but unsuccessful effort to acquire a replacement, it is most
>likely permissible to make a copy (ONE copy) of the at risk work. The
>notion of wholesale transfer based on the nature of the format (i.e.
>UMATIC to VHS) doesn't cut it. In other words, you need to look at each
>potential act of copying as an individual transaction.
>At 09:02 AM 12/2/2002 -0800, you wrote:
> >To: Academic Media Librarians/Information Providers
> >
> >Hello everyone,
> >
> >I know the issue of copyright is a delicate issue, but I need to ask
> >your opinion.
> >
> >Question: I have a collection of 3/4" tapes that will need to be
> >transferred soon to 1/2". This will allow faculty greater
> >accessibility for classroom instruction. Not to mention--dare I
> >say--3/4" players are rarely available in the classroom and it has
> >become a lesser used medium.
> >
> >Before contemplating the transfer, let me point out that we:
> > automatically try to find the title in 1/2" and purchase it,
> > if the title is not available in 1/2", we try real hard to
> >obtain copyright permission
> >
> >However, we all know that we are unable to obtain permission for every
> >title for whatever reasons. Which leads me to ask you, do you make
> >archival copies at your institution for classroom use only?
> >
> >--Monique
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