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Hi Gary,

Thanks for the backlog.

After reading feedback in the "Copyright" section, one person notes that
"...3/4" is cut and dried, but not 16mm..." Can you please clarify
what that 3/4" being cut and dried means?

I understand people can't make copies willy-nilly just because they no
longer use the format or have the machines to support that format(3/4")
but I want to know clearly how this affects transferring 3/4" to 1/2".

I'll just ask outright---can I transfer a legally purchased 3/4" to 1/2"
with the knowledge that
a) I've tried to locate the copyright holder and couldn't;
b) knowing that 3/4" faces the same deterioration as any other
c) the title is not available on DVD or 1/2"?

I hate to sound like I'm going around in circles, but I want to hear
from the professionals.

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The concept of "archival copy" really doesn't hold water in the land of
video. A few months back there was a lively videolib discussion on the
topic of copying at risk materials
( look
the subject heading "copyright")
You should check it out.

The bottom line: If you have an individual title that has been legally
acquired and is at risk of physical deterioration AND if you have made a

concerted but unsuccessful effort to acquire a replacement, it is most
likely permissible to make a copy (ONE copy) of the at risk work. The
notion of wholesale transfer based on the nature of the format (i.e.
UMATIC to VHS) doesn't cut it. In other words, you need to look at each

potential act of copying as an individual transaction.

At 09:02 AM 12/2/2002 -0800, you wrote:
>To: Academic Media Librarians/Information Providers
>Hello everyone,
>I know the issue of copyright is a delicate issue, but I need to ask
>your opinion.
>Question: I have a collection of 3/4" tapes that will need to be
>transferred soon to 1/2". This will allow faculty greater
>accessibility for classroom instruction. Not to mention--dare I
>say--3/4" players are rarely available in the classroom and it has
>become a lesser used medium.
>Before contemplating the transfer, let me point out that we:
> automatically try to find the title in 1/2" and purchase it,
> if the title is not available in 1/2", we try real hard to
>obtain copyright permission
>However, we all know that we are unable to obtain permission for every
>title for whatever reasons. Which leads me to ask you, do you make
>archival copies at your institution for classroom use only?
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