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American Conservation Film Festival

Thomas Harding is one of the world’s great video activists, writing a
recently revised second edition of “The Video Activist Handbook.” He
spent years in Oxford, England running a local community-access cable
station, co-founded “Undercurrents” and has shown thousands how to
become video activists in their own communities. He has been living in
our state for several years, most recently in Shepherdstown. He gave a
presentation at the state library conference at Cannan Valley in fall
2001. He wants to start a new film festival focused on conservation. He
calls it The American Conservation Film Festival and plans on an October
2003 premiere. He has contacted many local groups which also have
national mandates. If you are interested in learning more, contact him
Tel: 304 671 7292. Fax: 304 876 6662. PO Box 1451, Shepherdstown, WV

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