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You need to ask the public performance rights from the distributors of
the films. Names of distributors can be found from the official web site
of TV & Entertainment Licensing Authority.

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I'm new to this list, so I'm sorry if this has been asked
I work for a California Community College. We have a faculty member who

wants to have sort of a movie night for the students. It would not be
for any particular class. She wants to show some videos that she owns
and some from the library collection. We aren't sure if we need public
performace rights or not.
Also, if we do need to get public performance rights, how do we
about getting them? How do we find out who has the rights to sell us?

Videos are:

Raise the Red Lantern (subtitled)

Gung Ho

The Story of Qui Ju

Federico Fellini's La Strada

Gandhi: Pilgrim of Peace



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