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Dear Rhonda,

In the Gale Directory of Publications & Broadcast Media, listed the address
of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) as follows:
250 Lanark Ave., P. O. Box 3220, Sta. C, Ottawa, ON, Canada K1Y 1E4.
Tel. 613-724-1200.
They also have regional offices in Toronto (Tel 416-205-3311) and Montreal
(Tel 514-597-5970).
Sue Oscar or Linda at Filmmakers Library may also know a contact person of
Good luck.

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Hi everyone,

I am looking for animated films by Frederic Back. I
have found "Man Who Planted Trees" from Direct Cinema,
and "Crac" from Pyramid, but not "The Mighty River",
"illusion?" or "Tout Rien"(trans. "all nothing").

I'm told they might have reverted back to the Canadian
Broadcasting Corp. -does anyone know how to reach
i wasn't successful searching the web.

Thanks for any help -
rhonda rosen
loyola marymount university

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