Re: looking for suggested videos on abortion
Tue, 19 Nov 2002 13:21:39 -0800 (PST)

Hello! Filmakers Library has a very new release, described below

.Life Matters
The Story of an Illegal Abortionist

A documentary by Kyle Boyd

In an era when women could not get legal abortions there were only a handful
of courageous doctors who risked imprisonment, loss of license, and their
future in order to provide safe abortions to women. The filmmaker’s father,
Dr. Curtis Boyd, was one such individual. A one-time Pentecostal preacher,
Dr. Boyd was influenced by the social changes of the Sixties. As a small town
physician he performed thousands of abortions to desperate women.

Ironically, it was only after abortion became legal in 1973 that Dr. Boyd
became subject to the most severe harassment. Despite this, he continues to
provide abortion services because he believes abortion is not only a
fundamental women’s rights issue, but that it is a human rights issue as
well. As he puts it, "by providing abortion services we are in fact helping
to make the world a better place."

49 min. Sale $295. Rental $55.

"A high quality, sensitive approach… to the personal story."

James T. Roderick, President, Planned Parenthood of North Texas

Silver Award, WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival, 2002

Great Lakes Film Festival, 2002

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Linda Gottesman
Filmakers Library
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New York, NY 10016
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