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Steve Fesenmaier (fesenms@wvlc.lib.wv.us)
Fri, 15 Nov 2002 13:40:14 -0800 (PST)

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Librarians Vs. Godzilla

story and pictures courtesy of Steve Fesenmaier
On October 17th, at the
Pipestem State Park,
librarians from around the
state and region spent two
hours watched some of the
many new films made in the
state. We started with an
intro by B.J. Gudmundsson,
showing clips of "Cal Price"
and "Storm."

Next we had Linda Zimmer
from Elkins' Old Brick
Playhouse intro "Max &
Nellie's Journey With Grief."
Jim Wolfe from Jaguar
Productions showed up just
in time from Charleston to
discuss the new spin-off from
Cambridge Educational and
show clips of new
productions made in WV.
We also showed two local
TV stories on the Flooded
Out Film Festival, moving on
to clips of "Flood Stories"
and "Coal Bucket Outlaw."
Eventually we showed lots of
clips, showing all of "2+2"
about John Nash, and
finished with "Dancing
Outlaw" since many
librarians had never seen it.

All of the tapes were put on
display on a table at the front
of the room - there were at
least 20. Lists of the films
with distributors were handed
out along with a list of all
known WV filmmakers. The
room was full. Filmmakers
got to meet each other and
the librarians got some great
posters from Jaguar. ( They
are going to donate some
videos to the flooded out
McDowell County Public
Library. The Flooded Out
Film Festival raised $1,300,
$500 going to the library and
the rest to other groups in the

Thanks to the visiting
filmmakers and distributor,
and the many films created
by WV's filmmakers, it was
the most successful such
program in 24 years.

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