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Hi Linda,

Given the fact that a lot of PBS titles are distributed by Warner Home Video
and are available from just about any distributor you choose, libraries have
no problem purchasing the home video versions of titles (legally, of course,
they have every right to purchase home video copies for circulation and/or
face-to-face teaching situations, regardless of what PBS tells you; if you
want public performance rights, that's a different story).

I've said this many, many times before: once you decide to play both sides
of the institutional/home video fence (i.e., are no longer the sole point of
distribution), all bets are off. I promise you that an warehouse
worker does not stop in the middle of boxing up a library order to wonder
whether the home video version of Ken Burns' "Jazz" is licensed for use in
libraries--he seals that puppy up and moves on...



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> I'm wondering if video librarians are purchasing PBS home video versions
> or if they're purchasing from PBS Teacher Source. PBS policy for home
> videos reads that "customer has the right to exhibit the programs to a
> limited number of viewers, only in a direct face-to-face teaching
> situation as an internal part of the systematic educational program.
> Customer may also loan PBS Home Video Programs to others for viewing in
> their perspective homes." If you call Teacher Source they say libraries
> have to purchase from them at higher prices.
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