digital rights and slide collections

Diane Sybeldon (
Mon, 11 Nov 2002 08:13:19 -0800 (PST)

Hope you don't mind this non-film question.

We are considering purchasing digital rights to two
slide collections that we own. The company is Slide Presentations.
The collections are "History of Costume" and "Architecture,
Interiors and Furniture." We paid about $12,000 for the
two slide collections in 1993.

The new ($1,350) agreement does not include the digitized images,
only the right to digitize. We must therefore either digitize
them ourselves, or pay to have them digitized.

We would like to purchase the digitized images from
another institution who bought rights and did the
digitization. We have located one institution who wants
to sell them to us.

However, the publisher has told us that we can do this,
and also that we can't. In other words, the request hasn't
come up before, and they seem to be unclear on what to do.

Since they aren't offering the digitized images for purchase,
what does it matter where we get the images?

Has anyone been in this situation? How have you resolved it?

Thanks for your help -

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