Re stopping HTML codes on the Listserv

PM - Peter Mason (
Fri, 8 Nov 2002 12:58:25 -0800 (PST)


> > With some digging, I understand that it is possible to
> >stop Microsoft products from making all messages multi-part. That
> >is about the only thing that will help, apart from changing list
> >server software.

The secret to not having HTML codes on the listserv is to send messages
to the listserv in Plain Text.

To save people 'some digging': In Outlook at any time before clicking
Send, just click on Format and then click Plain Text.

Of course the hard part with above approach is that every sender with
Outlook set to normally send HTML format, has to remember for every
Videolib message they send, to set format to Plain text.

With a few more clicks this can be solved. Outlook can be set to send
all messages to Videolib in plain text. Here's how (from Outlook 2002):

- add Videolib to your contact list by right clicking on 'videolib' in
from box of a past message and clicking on "add to contacts"

- That automatically opens "create contact screen" with videolib's
e-mail filled in

- Right click on the videolib e-mail address (i.e. to the right of the
E-mail label)

- click on Properties

- Click the down arrow to the right of 'Internet Format" label and
choose "Send Plain Text Only"

- Then click usual OK's and "Save & Exit"

Hopefully though some future version of the Listserv software will be
smart enough to only forward on the plain text version of all messages.

Regards .. Peter

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