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This is spectacular news. I hope there will be a full set price. I remember
the series very well. I was a first year Jr. High School English teacher at
the time. You had to buy a subscription to see them and they were shown at
one local film theater to subscription holders only. A classic set.

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Ok I have been actually holding back on posting this for a bit but the
cat is now out of the bag. As many of you know from numerous previous posts
on the listserv, The American Film Theatre was a group of films made in
the early-mid Seventies and oddly enough among the VERY first titles ever
released on video in 1976. Alas they have been OUT of print for over 25
years, making them perhaps the rarest of all titles that actually DID exist
on video. Over the years people have been looking for copies and I always
pretty much posted back that except for VERY expensive copies from Video
Oyster ( $500 on up) they seemed gone for good. Well to make an already long
post short, KINO got them and will put them out next year. These are FILMS
based on plays NOT filmed plays. The list is as follows

ICEMAN COMETH Dir. Frankenheimer, Cast Lee Marvin , Fredric March)
GALILEO Dir. Joseph Losey, Cast Topal , John Gielgud
THE HOMECOMING Dir. Peter Hall Cast Ian Holm, Vivien Merchant
A DELICATE BALANCE Dir. Tony Richardson, Cast Katherine Hepburn, Paul
THREE SISTERS Dir Laurence Olivier, Cast Olivier, Alan Bates
THE MAN IN THE GLASS BOOTH Dir Arthur Hiller Cast Maximilian Schell
BUTLEY Dir Harold Pinter, Cast Alan Bates & Jessica Tandy
THE MAIDS Dir, Christopher Miles, Cast Glenda Jackson, Susannah York
LUTHER, Dir Guy Green Cast Stacey Keach & Judi Dench
RHINOCEROS Dir. TOm' O'Horgan cast Zero Mostel, Gene Wilder
LOST IN THE STARS Dir. Daniel Mann, Cast Brock Peters & Melba Moore
PHILADELPHIA HERE I COME- Dir John Quested Cast Donal McCann Siobahn.
IN CELEBRATION Dir Lindsey Anderson Cast Alan Bates, Brian Cox
Jacques Brel

sorry if anyone complains about posting this on videolib rather than
videonews but since many of these titles have been asked about on the
list over the years consider this a belated response and anyway
they won't be on sale for many months at which time I will post info
on videonews


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