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Of course, in some publishing quarters, the perception is that all
librarians have utter disdain for copyright! According to this view, the
notion of Fair Use must be a communist plot! These same individuals believe
that Elsevier journals are an absolute bargain! Please forgive the

For a dose of reality, see this:

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No sweat, Jessica. We're all in the same boat. We all are labeled bad
guys at our institutions because we won't allow Taxi Driver to be shown
at the student union, or won't make a copy of a 16mm film to please
someone who doesn't feel like learning how to use a projector, or won't
allow "A Taste of Cherry" to be shown at the international festival.
"Really! It truly IS educational!!" I think we're all committed to
complying with copyright law, or else we wouldn't bother debating it on
a listserve. :)

LeeAnne L. Krause
Manager, Educational Films
USC Film Library

>>> 10/25/02 11:51AM >>>
Just in case you all think I spend my time harassing innocent
over copyright I wanted you to know that I am actually pretty nice
about it.
I NEVER charge poor Canadians for PPR ( except a few cases of
producers) as I feel bad that their copyright laws do not allow for
classroom use. Kino never charges for use of our stills ( good
or use of our titles for conferences & academic events which also help
promote the film. Also I have no objection to the use of our tapes
any additional charge over the standard retail price for use as
below by a University Library

Instructional Media Resources serves the academic media needs
faculty and students at MTSU. This service is most
accomplished through our restricted, single-campus, closed-circuit
cable system over which we play only to a non-paying faculty
student audience. This system originates in Instructional
Resources with the underground cable going to most classroom
buildings on campus, our viewing carrels, and to the
Library. No recreational facilities, dormitories, cafeterias,
offices, or off-campus locations are connected to this system.
Upon individual faculty request for a specific class, we
to play requested programs over this system. We do not
any programs at random, nor do we in any way "advertise" the
programs scheduled by faculty. Programs must go onto the
to play to individual requestors in the Library, and often
our facility as well.

However for the record I DO still object to the idea of EVER
duplicating a
copyrighted work, without permission of the copyright holder ( again I
Feature films which with VERY rare exceptions are nearly always under
copyright and while it takes time AND money you CAN find the owner of
feature films)


Jessica Rosner
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